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Park Row Trees
Planting Trees
Planting Park Row Trees:
Prior to planting any tree in the park row adjacent to your home, you must submit a Planting Permit to the City of Stoughton Street Department.

Tree(s) should be a specie(s) from the selection list of trees determined appropriate for street side planting.
  After submission, the desired site will be reviewed to check for compatibility with the selected species and location by the city’s Arborist. You will be notified of approval.

Removal of Park Row Trees: If there is a tree in your park row that you feel is dead or diseased and needs to be removed you need to call the Street Department at 873-6303. A complaint form will then be filled out and the city Arborist will look at the tree and advise the homeowner what needs to be done. If he deems the tree dead or hazardous and needs to be removed he will advise the Street Department of this and a work order for removal will be made. He will also rate the tree with a priority with the high risk trees being removed as soon as possible and the others to be removed in a time manner. After the tree removal, the stump will be removed with the hole filled with dirt and grass seed put down. The city Arborist will also advise if a replacement tree is appropriate, what species and will put the address on a list for replanting as trees are available.

*** Please note that if wires are involved with the park row trees, please contact Stoughton Utilities at 873-3379.