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Stoughton Hall of Fame

Inductees into the Stoughton Hall of Fame are chosen by the City of Stoughton Hall of Fame Committee annually.  The Stoughton Hall of Fame is in the basement of City Hall in the Hall of Fame Room.  Below are all the people currently in the Stoughton Hall of Fame. Click on any image to see a full resolution image.

Luke StoughtonLuke Stoughton is the founder of Stoughton WI
Clairmont EgtvedtEgtvedt was the creator of the B-17 Flying Fortress which was the key to the Allied victroy in WWII
Arthur AndersonArthur Anderson was a nationally known commerical and freelance artist
Targe MandtTarge Mandt was the Founder of the Mandt Wagon Works Factory and the Hub Newspaper
Rebecca SkavlenRebecca Skavlen was a well loved teacher who began her 45 year career in Stoughton in 1911
Ole K RoeOle K Roe was the Mayor of Stoughton and is often called the Father of the Stoughton City Hall.  Roe was important to the planning and building of the City Hall
Per LysnePer Lysne revived Norwegian Rosemaling in Stoughton
Ben WaitBen Wait was an accomplished early city attorney.  Scores of Stoughton Students benefitied from scholarships in his name after death
Dr. Michael IversonDr. Iverson was born in Bergen Norway and began practicing in Stoughton in 1891.  Dr. Iverson opened the first hospital in Dane County outside of Madison
Esther HaugEsther Haug helped shape the Stoughton Syttende Mai Celebration and served as it's first Queen in 1969
Rolfe HansonRolfe Hanson was a civic leaver, journalist and Historian.  Hanson wrote A History of Stoughton Government 1858 - 1983 - a cronicle of how city officials met challenges of their time
Ethel KvalheimEthel Kvalheim was a world famous rosemaler and won Norway's Medal of St. Olav and a heritage fellowship from the National Endowment of Arts
Haakon RomnesHaakon Romnes was the chair and CEO of American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
Dr. Harry KeenanDr. Harry Keenan was a legendary doctor serving Stoughton that was featured in Look Magazine in June of 1943
Gjermond SkaalenGjermond Skaalen's gift of land and money helped establish Skaalen Sunset Home and Martin Luther Children's Home.  Skaalen was a charter member of Christ Lutheran Church in Stoughton
Jeanne Reel and the Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers
Jeanne Reek founded the Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers in 1953.  Reek received the Medal of St. Olav, Norway's 2nd highest honor, in 1971
Conrad ElvehjemConrad Elvehjem was the Present of University of Wisconsin Madison.  Previously as a UW Professord he identified Niacin and contributed to the identification of the Vitamin B Complex
Guy SundtGuy Sundt was the UW Madison Athletic Director and was named to the UW Athletic Hall of Fame in 1993
Liniel CooperLiniel Cooper was mayor of Stoughton for two decades and was an advocate of citizen participation and access to public affairs
Ed BryantEd Bryant was one of the founders of Nelson Industries and achieved international recognition as an industrialist
Clark OsterheldClark Osterheld invented the electric hot water heater
Don WahlinDon Wahlin is a businessmand and the CEO of Stoughton Trailers
Enoch ReindahlEnoch Reindahl was an early environmentalist, naturalist and excellend wood carver of waterfowl
Giles DowGiles Dow was the Stoughton Fire Chief for 50 years.  Dow began the retirement fund for firefighters and the state followed
Eugene 'Pud' KallandPud Kalland was instrumental in restoring the local train depot
Jerry FreiJerry Frei was a well respected person in the football community with 49 years spent in professional and college football
Lois Roe KvammeLois Roe Kvamme as active in the historical sociery, opera house, library and Roe Nature Preserve
Sarah LeslieSarah Leslie was a teacher and the head of a vocational school
Oscar FortonOscar Forton was a member of the Stoughton Fire Department for 50 years and Fire Chief for 20 years.  Served on the first Planning Commission and began the silent fire truck parade

Stoughton Veterans of World War II

800 Stoughton Area residents served in the military during WWII.  44 Gold Star soldiers gave their lives to protect our freedom, many more were wounded in service
Dr. Duane LarsonDr. Duane Larson revolutionized how burn patients were treated reducing the number of deaths, received some of our nations highest honors
Judge Dan MoeserLongest running chief judge in Dane County history
Paul OlsonPaul Olson was a long time funeral director and very active in community service
Janet BryantJanet Bryant founded the Edwin E. and Janet L. Bryant Foundation, a legacy of service and giving
Helen JohnsonHelen Johnson is a long time beloved Stoughton Mayor and Dane County Board Member.  Johnson was known as Stoughton's Greatest Cheerleader
Culham FamilyThe Culham Family has a legacy of 4 sucessive generations of veternairans in Stoughton for over 125 years
Henry HuberHenry Huber was a former Stoughton attorney, Dane County Board Supervisor and a 4-term Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
Vivian 'Vi' ThodeVi Thode was a leading exponent of rosemaling