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Commonly Asked Questions

Many of the questions you may have about Stoughton Area EMS can be found here. As always, please call if there is information you cannot find or just to say 'hello', we get lonely sometimes and we love people (that is why we do this!)

Q: Can I request an ambulance by calling the EMS station instead of 911?

A: No. EMS services are alerted to requests for an ambulance by the Dane County Communications Center (911). Stoughton Area EMS would not be able to assemble their personnel for a response without calling 911. In order to serve you in the most expeditious manner, call 911.

Q: There are a lot of questions when I call 911, do I have to answer them all to get help?

A: Yes. Please know that while you are answering the dispatchers questions, an ambulance is being dispatched to your location. It is very important that you provide all the information requested. This helps responders be better prepared to help you.

Q: Will I be charged for utilizing Stoughton Area EMS?

A: Yes. Wisconsin state statute outlines a municipalities ability to bill its residents for ambulance services. Within a few weeks of your transport, you will receive a bill from 3-Rivers Billing, Cedarburg, WI. There is an enclosed form for you to provide your insurance information.

Q: Does Stoughton Area EMS accept  commercial insurance?

A: Yes. SAEMS accepts commercial insurance. However, SAEMS does not have any influence in the amount your insurance covers, that is between you and your insurance company. These relationships are often confusing.  

Q: Does SAEMS accept Medicare, Badgercare and VA insurance?

 A: Yes. SAEMS, accepts all of these insurances. If you are a Medicare patient, you may have a portion you are responsible for depending on any supplemental insurance. After Medicare payment and patient responsibility, the remaining balance is, by law, written off.

Q: If I call for an ambulance and ultimately, decide I do not need transport to definitive care, do I receive a charge?

A: Yes. Every call for assistance begins to incur charges to the service. These include payroll, vehicle expense, any used equipment, administrative processing, etc.,. The no transport fee at this time is rarely covered by insurance.

Q: Do I have a choice in definitive care destinations?

A: Yes and No. There are a few factors to consider. First, SAEMS, defined by its Operational Plan on file with the State of Wisconsin, currently transports to the following hospitals: Stoughton, St. Mary's-Madison, Meriter, UW-Downtown, VA, and Edgerton. Secondly, EMS personnel are trained to recognize life threatening emergencies. At times, it may be imperative to reach the closest emergency room as soon as possible. Your request for transport to a distant facility, in turn bypassing a closer emergency room, may be over ruled. These decisions are not made lightly and are based strictly in the best interest of your immediate health. 

Q: Can a family member, loved one, or friend accompany me in the ambulance?

A: Yes. One person can accompany you. For safety reasons, this person will ride with the driver in the front of the ambulance and must be seat belted at all times.