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Brain Health / Puzzles
Brain Health
There is a tremendous amount of evidence displaying the benefits an active, healthy lifestyle has on the brain.  The following webpage provides links to current research, along with tips for strengthening your memory and "maintaining your brain." 

Dr. Paul Nussbaum's:Ten Tips for Maintaining A Healthy Brain

: Brain Health

Alzheimer's Association
: Brain Health


Wondering how you can stay active in the community?
Take a look at our activity calendar for ideas, and see below for an article with walking tips.

Wondering how you can stay active in the community, but are currently homebound?
Email us your ideas!  We would like to keep this webpage up-to-date with tried and true practices and activities.  Share your experiences and thoughts by emailing:
Wondering what to eat to maximize your body's energy?
Check out the CDC website, and find out how many fruits and vegetables are recommended for your age and activity level. 
You may even seek out new recipes and
create your own cookbook!

Want to eat a healthy, freshly prepared meal with friends?

Learn more about our Nutrition Site!
Want to keep your mind sharp?
Try mental aerobics! 
Take a look at these websites for brain health activities:
AARP Games and Puzzles