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Public Works Department Frequently Asked Questions
If you are unable to find your question or are confused with the answer please contact the Stoughton Public Works Department at (608) 873-6303
What is a "Snow Emergency"?

A snow emergency is an event when 3” or more of snow is forecasted or 3” or more has fallen, or as warranted.

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When must snow/ ice be removed from sidewalks?
The owner/occupant of any lot or parcel abutting on a public sidewalk shall clear sidewalk by 9 a.m. two (2) days following a snowfall and sprinkle ice with a material to prevent slipping. If the owner/occupant does not clear the sidewalk the work will be done by the city and the owner/occupant will be charged.
How do I dispose of old appliances?
John's Disposal will now pick up any appliance that is placed out to the curb on your scheduled trash pick up day on the last week of every month.

You may also contact Stoughton Utilities at 873-3379 for information on a program for refrigerators and freezers that are still in working order.
How do I dispose of hazardous materials?
For a list of acceptable materials handled by Clean Sweep or alternative ways/places to dispose of, please call Dane County Clean Sweep’s INFO-LINE at (608) 243-0368 or visit Clean Sweep’s website.
The Dane County Clean Sweep Facility is located at 7102 US Hwy 12 (Beltline/12/18 East).
How do I dispose of my leaves?
Leaves must be raked into the park row (the grass between the sidewalk and the curb) for public works crew collection. Visit our leaf collection page for more information.
Where should garbage & recylce carts be placed?

Johns Disposal requests that the carts NOT be placed IN THE STREET. Instead follow these suggested guidelines - garbage cart be placed within 2 ft of the street on one side of the driveway and the recycle cart be placed within 2 ft of the street on the other side of the driveway. Also you should allow 2 ft from a mailbox or tree when placing the cart. When it snows an area should be kept shoveled out for the carts on the parkrow.

Placing the carts in the streets increases the possibility of your cart being damaged.  If damaged, it will be the homeowners responsibility to repair or replace.

How do I dispose of branches?
If you have brush it may be taken to the yard waste site at 1051 Collins Rd in the town of Dunkirk during hours of operation.  A permit is needed to dump. Visit our brush collection page for more information.
How do I dispose of my yard waste?
The yard waste site is located at 1051 Collins Road in the town of Dunkirk.  For more information, visit the yard waste page.
How do I position my new mailbox?
Regulations state that curbside mailboxes must be 40-42 inches above the road surface and must be back six inches from the curb when the door is down. Please remember to call diggers hotline before you dig. Following these regulations not only helps the mail service but assists the Public Works Department during road work.